Crowdsourcing refers to a set of methods that can be used to motivate a community to contribute ideas, information, or content that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Its rapidly growing appeal stems from its effectiveness in filling gaps that cannot be bridged by other means. One of the most well known examples of this is Wikipedia, where volunteers provide information and definitions for subject matter of their expertise. Crowdsourcing generates what is known as the explicit form of collective intelligence. Knowledge is constantly refined through the contributions of thousands of authors. Within the academy, crowdsourcing is often a way for researchers to draw on public knowledge to provide missing historical or other specific details related to communities or families, complete large-scale tasks, or solve inherently complex issues. For many tasks, institutions are finding that amateur scholars or even people whose lives simply were contemporary to the event, object, images, or other research focus being documented are remarkably effective in providing deep level detail around a topic or in documenting a large body of materials.

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(1) How might this technology be relevant to the educational sector you know best?

  • Why do teachers need to recreate their material over and over again? - dsilva dsilva Apr 3, 2016 11 Underlying Principles of Crowdsourcing in Education
  • Crowdsourcing allows for extending beyond the printed page; keeping information up to date, relevant. This changes what is possible in education, to learn from those around us even if those are around the globe. To contribute and have conversations around information beyond our 4 walls. That our students contributions can be significant to other people outside of our school. Even Amazon is an example of crowdsourcing. It has changed how we shop. How can something like this change how we access educational resources?
    Brabham, D. C. (2008). Crowdsourcing as a model for problem solving an introduction and cases. Convergence: the international journal of research into new media technologies, 14(1), 75-90.
    - mrskeeler mrskeeler May 1, 2016

(2) What themes are missing from the above description that you think are important?

  • The mention of Wikipedia makes sense but there are a lot of other recognizable Crowdsourcing efforts that people recognize that are really changing how society functions (like Amazon). - mrskeeler mrskeeler May 1, 2016
  • The above description doesn't talk about how schools are using it or impacted. Teachers Pay Teachers is a form of Crowdsourcing for educational resources, there are others. Some educational initatives should be included. Twitter is a huge one for sharing resources. Think of a Twitter chat, it is a form of Crowdsourcing. I think the impact is far beyond just Wikipedia that people might think this topic is more important if more context is provided. - mrskeeler mrskeeler May 1, 2016
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(3) What do you see as the potential impact of this technology on teaching, learning, or creative inquiry?

  • Students do research and contribute to global crowdsourcing projects. Their work matters. - mrskeeler mrskeeler May 1, 2016
  • Textbooks are on the way OUT! They will be replaced with efforts to share our knowledge and products. Most likely in editable and customizable ways and those improved upon resources will be shared back. - mrskeeler mrskeeler May 1, 2016

(4) Do you have or know of a project working in this area?

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